Today’s video is a Dollar tree Kitchen Organization. Organize your kitchen with $1 Items. I’m sharing simple ideas to organize your kitchen.

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  1. Thank you for the video, can you please post the links to the specific Dollar Tree items you've shown? For example, I can't find the Stackable Plate Dividers.

  2. Hi I love your organization tips and I could really use your advice or if you could do a video.
    I just moved into a smaller apartment and the kitchen has a panty ( thank goodness) but when it comes to storing cups, plates, pots, and pans ect there is just no spaces.
    I only have two very small cabinets and then two I can use on the side of the sink.
    The kitchen is very open though so I was thinking of either putting some sleeves in or if maybe using a table and some of those plastic organizers but honestly I'm not sure what I should try or if I should even do both. Any tips or advice would help so much.
    I also have 2 girls (9 & 4) and a boy due at the end of the month so I have to keep things that are breakable up and out of reach of the kids.
    Thank you again for all your tips though.
    1$ store organizers have saved my life since watching your videos.

  3. We are trading out dishes in the one three shelve. My trouble was how to keep all the metal travel cups. Went to Dollar tree and got orange magazine holders, laid them on the spine and you can get three in each one. They don't fall out, stackable and easy to see what you have. No more fubling through glass wear. Thanks for your videos.

  4. I utilize the space under my kitchen sink because I don't have a pantry nor enough if cabinet space. I have lots of storage containers in the small kitchen in my apartment.

  5. Great job…I love did you notice the kitchen drawers and doors… i’ve use this little command hooks inside my upper cabinet drawers and I have my measuring cups and Measuring spoons, so easy to get to

  6. Hello, I am a little late seeing this video. My latest most exciting find for organizing is the their Rectangular Slotted Basket with Single End Handle. I like them because I can group like things together and pop them into the cabinet (depth wise they fit my upper cabinets perfectly), which means no more hassle of losing things to the back of the shelf. Also I am not very tall so reaching the top shelf requires a stool; however, these handles are just low enough that I can reach them. All my top shelves in closets and laundry room now has these. Have a great day!

  7. Can you possibly figure out an organization for the Lazy Susan under cabinet. I have two Lazy Susan’s one where I keep my bakeware and the other that keeps all my plastic Tupperware containers and the one with the containers is always a giant mess and I practically have to stand on my head to find something

  8. Magazine holders can also be used to store Saran Wrap, tin foil and storage bags. Sometimes Dollar Tree has lazy Susans, which can be used in the refrigerator and cupboards.

  9. These are great ideas. Especially the plate dividers I need them so bad. Thank you for the great tips.

  10. Great video and I haven’t been to a dollar tree store in a very long time. Love the new tips and ideas you’ve just given me, so thanks 😊👍🏻👍🏻❤️🤗💜👵🏼

  11. Great video!
    I took a black mesh metal office tray and screwed it upside down into my pantry door. I keep sponges, steel wool pads and rubber gloves etc in it for easy access.

  12. Love this video! Another great dollar tree item for organizing is the hanging under the shelf wire basket. We use that in our pantry to store small baking supplies.

  13. I’ve only seen the white skinny draw organizers with the gray grips inside but not the black ones you had.

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