Music video by Drake performing I’m Upset. © 2018 Young Money Entertainment/Cash Money Records
Drake – I'm Upset


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  1. I mean… SMS Triple X, that's the only time I shoot below the neck, why keep shooting when you get know that nigha dead?
    "SMS" -Send my Shooter
    X was shot directly below the neck and instantly died
    Shooters didn't keep shooting cause they saw X slumped

    There's also another song Drake has 'Mob Ties' where even the music video has a guy who looks like X getting stomped on by a foot and a lyric in there saying "Louis Bags in exchange for body bags" as vague as that may come off you have to remember that Drake is the KING of sneak/under the radar disses and references by blending them real well normal events but still directing those lines to specific people.

    Nothings a coincidence with this man. Him and X had beef because Drake stole not only his Look At Me beat and tried to flow on it the same way too, but his whole Gods Plan movement was similar to X's Charity he was doing/did prior and X spoke about Drake taking that too on his Insta Live months before his passing. X was finna be huge and was on a major come up especially after SAD! was getting huge traction even before his death. Drake tries to be versatile but knew X was a different breed of versatility.

    I'm upset. Mob ties. No more competition. And now Drake continues to reign supreme with no one coming close again.