Dual Axial Yeti's Destructive Hill Climbing Trail Run!

Sometimes things will never work out in your favor. Especially when it comes to my Axial Yeti….. 😉

Today I headed out with Chris…and his Axial Yeti for some quick fun with both trucks threw the power lines. After letting him show off for a bit, I wanted to take my yeti out for a couple of quick runs. However after the second time down the hill…. that when things started to not go in my favor….Right away my passenger side turnbuckle broke off from the truck causing the dog bone to fly off somewhere in the woods. ( Still cant find it…. )

However with a little determination, I was able to get the yeti to run off of 2-3 wheels back up the steep hill. After a quick fix, I was determined to test out the yeti again on 3 wheels but soon enough my steering linkage broke as well as the spring in my controller.

As if filming with one hand and driving with the other wasn’t hard enough. I had a truck and a control continuously breaking down on me. Eventually I said enough and just did some fun filming of Chris Yeti.

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