Al fin podemos disfrutar de este video. Yo tenia un poster de este show y estaba convencido que era una presentación de TV. No tengo info del show pero estoy seguro que es de la misma semana de la presentación en MIdnight Special de Feb 1977.
Finally we can enjoy this video. I had a poster of this show and he was convinced was a TV presentation. I don’t have the show info but I am sure is in the same week of the submission in MIdnight Feb. 1977 Special
ELO – Livin' Thing – American Music Awards 31th Jan 1977


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  1. Don't you just love the 70's? Nobody ever performed live on these shows. The guitar and bass aren't even hooked up to amps and when they did a close-up of Mik on the violin, he didn't have his bow on the strings! Still, a great song by my all time favorite band!

  2. This is the real ELO. Jeff did not wear sunshades to cover his eyes. WHY?? He did not want to lie. Producers made money. DO YOUR RESEARCH. Jeff did what he had to do at the time. He will pay for it in the ….