Embankment Cyclist Punishment Pass

The cyclist overtakes me very closely then swerves inside. It’s not clear from the footage but our wheels almost touch causing me to exclaim. I really felt that he came close to knocking me off.

Another cyclist, witnessing what has happened throws up his hand at the person who overtook me.

At the lights I challenge him. He starts to argue with me and the other cyclist attempts to support me but is shouted down. The cyclist then tells me the reason he did what he did is that I was in the “middle of the road”. I respond that I was in a primary position. In fact, looking back at the footage, I think I may have been in a secondary one: I was certainly no distance from the kerb and had just overtaken someone else. He continues to berate me about my road position. I try and point out to him that this is the kind of justification give by drivers who commit close passes, but he just keeps telling me to ‘“read the Highway Code”, though he has clearly forgotten to read the part about treating other road users with care and respect. We continue to discuss the issue as we ride along, he going on about my positioning with me trying to make the point that I just want to get to work safely.

As a cyclist, I’m used to getting bullied by cars. I’ve almost become inured to it. For a cyclist to do this – and he was very close to causing an accident – is depressing. This is a dangerous stretch of road, without any kind of cycle infrastructure and often with (literally) heavy traffic. I like to think that people on bikes are looking out for each other, not trying to cause each other harm.


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