Record of the second map of the match between Astralis and Liquid at StarLadder Major 2019 New Champions Stage.

9:30 First round
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  1. I really love the coach of astralis. The way he boost his team to fight back and not letting does loose team fight lost the team courage to fight back… He is not chillin like a villain hahaha

  2. Thorin: "genius veto" at analyst desk after Astralis destroy Liquid while earlier tweeting how weak the veto was and how it shows Astralis are scared lol, slime.

  3. Kreygasm I LOST Kreygasm I LOST Kreygasm I LOST Kreygasm I LOST Kreygasm I LOST Kreygasm I LOST Kreygasm I LOST

  4. These Australis tournaments are soo boring… All they do is abuse the Krieg on T side with other teams following (COD guns and AWP's – CS has become "City of Scopes") No wonder they need to bait players with free stuff in the new opperation. XD More comments about the spectators than the actual game lol

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