The sun is out. The spring snow is softening. Good thing you have the Supershape i.Titan under your feet: the perfect ski for spring snow. The easy float amazes you time and time again. Its a true performance ski that cuts through any conditions. So you stay in control, in any terrain or any snow conditions. Of course, as an advanced skier you never miss an opportunity to put this to the test as often as possible.

These skis have a core construction with a much larger wood core. Due to the lightweight properties of GRAPHENE, we are able to use a thicker and wider aluminum sheet, which covers the entirety of the ski, ensuring a more reactive and powerful ride. BALANCE With GRAPHENE positioned in the center of the ski we have been able to reduce the thickness of the center and shift more material in the tip and tail, allowing for a ski with a truly harmonized flex distribution, easier engagement, and quicker edge-to-edge changes. CONTROL Thanks to a thicker tip and tail it has been possible to design specific geometries for the four different shovels. Due to the immediate effective edge, the ski is constantly in contact with the terrain no matter the angle.

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