EZ4ENCE they take down Team Liquid 2-0 at the 2019 Katowice Major. I break down and analyse their insane comeback on inferno.
ENCE vs Team Liquid Inferno





Production Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound:

Image of Player in Thumbnail taken by HLTV.org


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  1. I think you should separate your closing video section away from your final round. You have an amazing video selection at the end but don't give it the attention it deserves by shrinking the screen and linking your other videos, at which point the video just ends.

  2. Sorry but this is gonna trigger a lot of people out there but Team Liquid players, specifically Stewie2k and Twistzzz, they very cocky, i know you are very vety good and proficient and almost better than most of the CSGO pros but what's there to be cocky, it's not like that you win all, Fucking all the duels? In that manner, S1mple, Niko, former legends like Forest, Get_Right and all should be the cockiest, but whats that cockiness about mate? Just play the game thinking everyone is equal, like Astralis, they do so well because they respect their opponents as some worthy opponents, no matter how small the team is, they play them as they play any other high tier team. If you don't respect you opponent, and and lose. 🤙🏼

  3. 6:07
    the level of control xseveN shows is great
    he never panicked, and even just stood still and waited for him to walk into his crosshair in such a tense moment
    wish my teammates would do this lmao instead I'm queued with silver 1 boosted russians