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EPIC GAME! – Astralis vs NiP – DreamHack Masters – BEST MOMENTS | CSGO
Twitch recap is the video the place all of the one of the best CS:GO clips, greatest moments, professional highlights, twitch highlights, ксго, ксго лучшие моменты stream highlights collected in a single place. On this video you will discover compilation of greatest ace, clutch, 200iq play made by high gamers of csgo scene akin to s1mple, stewie2k, coldzera, niko, system, fallen, scream, kennys, симпл, shox and plenty of others. Additionally you will discover greatest moments from the matches of tier 1 groups like Liquid, NaVi, нави, Astralis, MIBR, FaZe Clan, NIP, Fnatic, Vitality, G2, Ence, Mousesports, EG, 100 thieves.



  1. i saw the full video .. and either this nawwk has got an excellent reaction and flick-headshot potential … or this time its powerpoint.exe 😛

  2. I cant wait when xyp and glave will return!! Snappi and Jugi they are not so expirienced as Glave and Xyp is!!

  3. When i watched this highlight, where the conditions are 15-10 and 3v1, i looked up the remaining time of this video and i think, "hmmm okay, it might be overtime"

  4. definitely no gla1ve no party.
    Currently Astralis is running with two amputated legs.
    Also twist my boy what a play bravo! not all the players are meant to be top fragger, they meant to be shine in those crucial rounds. like twist in this match, xyp9x and broky in general.

  5. i feel bad for the old astralis members but jugi nd snappi only been playing for a bit in the team. there is so much pressure on them they’re probably nervous. if u give them some time we can maybe see smth

  6. You know Twist cannot play in their next map, because he broke his back carrying NIP in this one.

  7. Its sad to see that gremlin Thorin argue with 4 times major winner yet calling him a loser..

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