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EPIC RANT – Invoice and Ted Face the Music (2020) Film Evaluation

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  1. that's an excellent point you made, they had 30 years and that s the most they could come up w ? i'm pretty sure i know why, all that ZANY energy that was most present in 80s / 90s is now gone , everything becomes more and more calculated and by the books, since the focus today is on realism and not on over the top, you can't have that kinda creative ideas needed for movies like this … that's why i found it odd they even bother making this or zany movies like critters, it's just the 80s are in style like crazy today so all gets dug up- and they TRY !! , but they can't cause they don't have the needed mindset +energy , even if u look at mtv , all the new videos these days have vhs effect filters , they try to imiate the 80s 90s so bad but they only scratch the surface

  2. another worthless sequel that i will never watch, trailer looked horrendous, almost on ghostbusters 3 level (not quite though), you can rank all those sequels from mediocre, bad to insultingly bad , and there keep getting produced sadly… is NO ONE in charge looking at the product and figuring there is a 50+ year old guy who plays (tries) a surfer dude teenager (w/ mannerisms from the 80s mostly ) and they don't notice anything wrong ? at least try to adjust , let him have a beard, let him be more into grunge or whatever, that's more accaptable than melodic rock / hair rock these days since music that's any good died out long time ago anyway

  3. Not gonna lie. When I watched the trailer I thought this movie looked bad… REAL bad. So I tend to take Matt's word for it most of the time so I will not pay a penny for this film. Except for his recent commentary of the movie Drive. That movie is overrated, unoriginal and Ryan Gosling is a mediocre actor of limited range.

  4. Great job with rant man. I still don’t mind the film, but you present some great points. There’s some things I would walk back on for sure when I did review plus other points I could’ve mention. I didn’t know the writers hate Bogus Journey.. so they hate it so much to go back to Hell? Makes sense. I agree as well when it comes to their future-selves in this. Bill & Ted are optimistic goofs, even if they didn’t have wives they should still be likable goofs. Agree with music in this as well I expected better, it does have cheap feel. Positive.. Alex Winter definitely shines more between the two and feels more natural, nice to see William Sadler again as Death. Once again great job with rant!

  5. Not a great movie, sometimes best to let sleeping dogs lie, great honest review Matt, dunno why Keanu did this film when he got John Wick & filming another Matrix film aye like his career in the doldrums, the previous 2 movies worked back in the day but times change, this one didn't do a lot for me personally.

    What next Wayne's World 3?


  7. Just like ghostbusters, they're trying to repeat the original & just slam females into those roles as if were gonna go, oh of course it should've been women doing this movie the whole time, what racist, sexist, imperialist scum we were with the original, then they play this stupid game over and over again with ever franchise. friggin' sjw's

  8. I thought this movie was fine. The daughters were cute and they admired their dads, which is a refreshing change from how fathers are usually treated in modern movies. I can’t be mad at the inconsistencies when Bogus Journey breaks the time travel rules about time being constant in San Dimas. It’s all goofy fun. Like in Excellent Adventure when Ted says “I fell out of my suit” or in Bogus Journey when the gun appears in the villain’s hand. A lot of it doesn’t make sense and it’s cartoony.

  9. Why did they make this? Why did Keanu Reeves do this? Wasn't needed, certainly not by him. Stupid fucking franchise anyway in my opinion. Reeves needs to return to John Wick, which, thank god he is, and everyone can just forget he even did this stupid horseshit.

  10. Fantastic Epic rant Matt! I like Keanu and a lot of his films, but he has limited range as an actor. He's great when used carefully, such as in The Matrix and the John Wick films, but as soon as he's pushed out of his comfort zone, he comes apart at the seams.. see Destination Wedding, Knock Knock and even Point Break (which I really like) but in which his acting is pretty weak. In the original Bill 'n' Ted's he's just playing a fictionalised version of his twenty something self, and it worked, but he doesn't have the chops to revise that role successfully 30 years later. This isn't an anti-Keanu post, I really like the guy, but even aside from the story of this film, it's success hinged largely on the reprisal of the leads, and when one of them can't do it, the enterprise is fucked from the get go..That's without even touching on all the other problems the film has (you covered those in your rant). Keanu is rich enough not to have to do paycheck shit like this, he should stick to what he's good at and what's within his range as an actor.

  11. Hollywood should stop making reboots to famous movie franchises considering that they're almost always an insult to the original like this abomination! Unfunny, very forgettable and the fact that Reeves and Winter are too old to play their characters is a sign that this movie shouldn't have been made at all!

  12. Thank you I'm not the only one who though this movie was total shit… it was painful to watch. I watched it for free I would have been pissed if I paid to see this turd. I truly have never hated a movie this much yes Dumb and Dumber To was miles better than this shit hole movie.

  13. I was sorely disappointed and pissed that I cannot see this in theaters. You, sir, have made me feel a whole lot better. Thank you.

    This looks too polished, too Netflix original looking. The thing I love the most about the two original films is the late 80's/early 90's aesthetic and the music, like you said. This looks too modern and cheap. What a letdown. Glad I didn't waste my money.