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  1. do u reckon u could do a video on computer software tweaks to lower input latency? i know its not ur main content, but i remember from ur nvidia ultra latency and that mouse excel fix (which is similar) that they were very informative and well put together. my fps is decent (314 average on the ulletical bench) if u could do like a tutorial on everything uve done to ur computer to fix input lag id greatly appreciate it, im literally going insane. also its consistent through all games and desktop so its likely software related. ive had every pc (and a laptop) ive ever owned feel laggy.

    in case it matters im running an i5 8400, dual 16gb (8+8) 3200mhz ram, xl2411p 144hz monitor and my average reaction on humanbenchmark is 168ms with fastest consistent reaction 145ms. im open to any fix that'll lower latency even if it comes at the cost of frames or graphics or anything, the lag is unbearable

  2. use a wireshark the suspect is oldnews lol, i dont care for the guy but you should check out sparkles recent videos about overwatch etc, i mean if you overwatch youtubers did that you could just put there profiles on blast with your youtube power linking there profiles in the disc to get bombarded with reports etc, wanna clean up the game? thats a good start.

  3. i think they should find a way to get rid of cheaters but also maybe add an fov slider? cause I know a couple people who use cheats but only do fov cause they throw up from csgos shitty fov and I honestly dont blame them