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Now, when you think about Australia, the usual spots like Sydney, Gold Coast and Melbourne come to mind, but we’re telling you, don’t miss out on this HIDDEN gem — Broome!

Our co-founder, Hendric (@Pohtecktoes), headed to Broome with Nas Daily, his team and a kickass team of content creators to explore this hidden paradise along the coasts of Australia~

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00:32 – Sunset Camel Tour (Red Sun Camels)
Not just any sunset tour, a sunset tour ON a camel!! This was truly a breathtaking experience.

00:47 – Snubfin Dolphin Eco Tour (Broome Whale Watching)
We got to catch snubfin dolphins in their natural habitat, splashing around and being welcoming hosts :’-)

01:10 – Horizontal Falls
Waterfalls are usually vertical, but have you seen a HORIZONTAL waterfall?? Here in Talbot Bay, you’ve got it!

01:24 – Hovercraft Svenic & Prehistoric Tour (Broome Hovercraft)
Truly feels like an expedition to Mars… The red sand, this hovercraft that looks like it popped out from a sci-fi film.

01:50 – Ramada Eco Beach Resort
It’s always a good time for some EXFOLIATING! Treat yourself to a mud and bubbles experience and your skin will thank you later~

02:37 – Broome City
Broome is really famous for its pearls — one of of the best places to grow and harvest pearls!

02:50 – Sun Picture Gardens
Bossman got to catch a film at the world’s OLDEST outdoor cinema. It dates back to over 100 years ago~

03:05 – Broome Turf Club
Get to experience country racing up close and personal!!

Broome is truly not just a place, it is indeed a FEELING. 🙂

What do you think?


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