We had a brief layover in Copenhagen on our way to Eurobike in Germany. It was our first time in Copenhagen so I was just talking through what we were seeing as we rode through the cities infrastructure.

I was really impressed and although we were only here for a brief time the impact on my perspective was quite dramatic. Copenhagen is clearly a setting a trend for other cities to follow.



  1. I love how you respond to every single comment. Shows that you see all the feedback you get, and try to improve and also have a connection with your followers. I thought it was a great vid and reminded me of how privileged I am, to be born in arguably one of the best countries in the world. Good luck to you in the future and I wish the best for you!

  2. As a Dane i know another huge reason for the many bikes in cities (besides the cost of cars and fuel) is the lack of and cost of parking. You can park your bike pretty much anywhere and get no parking ticket, but you could end up driving in circles in your car for an hour to find a parking spot and a meter to buy a parkingticket 🙂

  3. It's a shame foreigners only visit cph. Yes, it's the largest city in Denmark, it's also the worst city. Dirty, too many weirdos, very little to see compared to it's size

  4. Cars in Denmark are expensive because Denmark do not have any car industry to protect.

    As I remember the tax has went down to 150% from 180%. But a bit lower tax for protecting systems in cars.

    But every time you buy anything in shops you also pay 25% tax. For example if you buy a banana you pay 25% in tax.

  5. I do not share the idea of not wearing a helmet on a bicycle: the part of the body that will inevitably hit the ground in the event of a fall is the head. This is true for children as much as for adults. And a fall can occur smoothly with another vehicle. On two wheels, the cyclist is in balance. Safety is to be preferred in all cases, I believe.
    Thank you for this trip to Copenhagen.

  6. Great informational video – Just a tip from a Dane: The scooter drivers HAVE to wear bike helmets otherwise it's a fine. Doesn't matter if they ride in the bike lane or not 🙂

    The difference is our scooters either only can drive 30 km/h or 45 km/h. If you have a 30 km/h "inhibitor" placed in your scooter only THEN can it ride the bike lanes (because of the 30 km/h set speed limit).

  7. The helmet part is wrong (Iam from Denmark). The scooter if they can not go faster than 30 km/h have to drive on the bicycle lanes. If a scooter can go 45 or more km/h they have to drive in the bike lanes.

  8. People in CPH simple bikes because it's faster and cheaper than public transportation. taxes on cars here in DK is somewhere around 120-180%. Scoters there are limited to 30 km/h goes on the bike lanes and they need to wear a helmet. Red light means stop, also for bikes. The biggest problem when you cycle in CPH is the tourist, they don't know the laws and create many dangerous situations

  9. You went the wrong way from the central station, if you wanted to see Copenhagen. 😁 -You went to the artificial island, Amager. Also, the taxes on cars are 95 % for smaller vehicles and 150 % for luxury and more polluting cars. Nice video👍

  10. Haha, I think your friend from holland got something wrong, that sounds fairly messed up! In Denmark the 30 km/h scooters can go in the bike lanes, and scooter 45 km/t and over has to go on the roads with the cars. – Helmets are always required when writing a motorised vehicle ( except from e bikes )

  11. Scooters vs motorbikes – from what I've been told
    Scooters are allowed on bike lanes because they're typically only allowed to go 30km/h, hence why it's quite safe.
    Also, going straight in the turn lane is attroceous xP
    Also also, please wear a helmet. Although they're not required they are recommended for your own safety and it's idiotic not wearing one.
    If you ever want to bike in DK again I'd also recommend looking into how you indicate turning and stopping. Not many bicyclists do it and it's annoying af


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