Exploring Incheon // Hiking a Pink Mountain, UNESCO sites, & Museums

In this video I take a day trip to Ganghwa, Incheon to explore what they call “Pink Mountain” or Goryeosan. We started off at a North Korean observatory, where you could see North Korea just across the river. It was a surreal feeling. North Korea cuts down all of their trees and foliage along the border. Supposedly there are a few reasons for this, but I hear a main reason is so they can see and shoot down defectors when they run to try and get to South Korea.
Next, we went to a UNESCO world Heritage site and visited a Cathedral.
Then, we went to Goryeogun Palace Site which was well known in the Goryeo and Joesung Dynasties (I’m pretty sure I’m spelling all of these wrong, I’m sorry).
Then we went a museum, which was not planned, so I apologize for not knowing the name of it (even though I tried to google it). I got to try on a traditional Korean Hanbok, which was so beautiful!
Then we had some food, traditional sitting style, which was delicious. The restaurant is well known in the area.
Then we finally went to hike the mountain and visited a cafe on the way down. It was a great day, but exhausting. I walked over 11 miles this day!

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