We sat down with NiKo recently to find out which five players he would choose for his All-Star team.

There are some very interesting choices from the FaZe Clan star…

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  1. zeus an igl who can make his players play to their maximun
    s1mple no explanation needed
    kennys pre nerf as a primary awper
    x9p9x a man for the clutch
    coldzera just a man to kill anyone at any given situation

  2. Niko 2020 :

    Loba faking nub man, faking idiot peek…

    WTF that movement jampi!! Jamping around

    NiKo vs Woxic

    Get killed by Woxic

    NiKo : haahhhahahahahahahahahahahhaahhahaahhahahahahahahahhaaaaaaaaahhhhhh


  3. No matter who you put together, they will always be inferior to Astralis… Dupreeh, device and xyp are way better than any of these players, thats why they win majors. Astralis players are far the best players, no comparrison…