Short video on the mindset of practicing on FFA 128 Tick servers.



  1. Hope this helps some of you. FFA is good for maximum practice in the shortest period of time! 🙂

  2. SO i only play MM, not face it, but can someone explain why it is ''bad'' to train on 128 when u play MM (64) and why are there no 64 servers?

  3. Yes, its relevant the ammount of times you have died, cause the final purpose of DM its win the 1v1 situation u are facing around the map, so the most time u won that fight against players, the chances you get better increases 🔥

  4. I almost NEVER have more kills then deaths in ffa servern. Even at that time where I was playing every day for several hours. Don't know why. It destroys to this day my ego. It's insane

  5. ok but what about calmly aiming at the enemies head and only firing when you know you can get the kill

  6. Finally! I have been lonely without you! lol… But in all seriousness at what MM Rank should you join a site like ESEA? Does rank really matter when MM is trash?

  7. I got a few questions:
    1) What are your settings?
    2) How can I find my perfect settings? (Resolution, Crosshair, Viewmodel, Sensitivity)
    3) How can I stay consistent? I'm a good aimer but I just tilt.
    4) I can't choose between low (1.7) or high (2.4 ish) sens. What do I do?

  8. I'd like to add that you should have a specific goal in mind when dm'ing in FFA, such as practicing spraying or tapping. I'm doing a modified "Hiko Challenge" right now to get ready for the upcoming ESEA season, so I'm doing 100 AK sprays, 100 M4 sprays, 100 AK taps, 100 USP/P2K and 100 Glock (in pistol only FFA) for 1 week. Also, to add what you said, keep moving. Don't jump into pit, avoid taking headshot angles yourself, avoid falling behind cover too much. This may seem counterintuitive, but you want to give yourself as much disadvantage as possible when practicing. Make it as hard as you can for yourself, and then you'll see improvement. Finally, like you said, don't worry about getting killed, and don't let the pit snipers and guys holding angles get to you, just know you're actually getting better and they aren't.

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