Flixbus Interflix pass. CHEAP EURO BUS TRAVEL. 5 European bus trips for €99. The InterFlix challenge

5 trips across Europe for €99 – What a bargain! We found this offer online and we could not resist it. Here are our tips on how to book and what to look out for.

Being Frugal travellers we LOVE getting good value for money with travel so we’ve decided to embark on the Flixbus Interflix challenge. We want to get the most out of our Interflix pass so plan to maximise our 5 trips. The first one will be Bucharest to London!

This usually costs €79 but as one leg of the Interflix pass it is only costing us €20… To travel over 2500 km across Europe. Video coming in the next few days!! Please Subscribe and check it out!

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