Fort Bourtange To Germany, European Road Trip – Van Life Vlog – Ep: 14

Left packed up and left Noordpolderzyl and headed towards Nationaal Landschap Drentsche Aa.

We parked up at a small community football club, the sun was shining and it was very hot! We waited till late afternoon and went for a bike ride around the town of Rolde.

That night the Sunset was bright and colourful. We made our way through the pinewood forest to get the best view. That evening we struggled to sleep as it was very warm.

The next morning we were woken up by very loud music from the football club stadium speakers. We got up and made our way to Emmen.

We spent 3 days avoid strenuous work as the temperature rose above 30c. We devised a new table design using the vans back step to allow us to work outside. We spent the time catching up on video editing and route planning.

Our next task was to find a Campingaz refill, it had lasted us 3 weeks 6 days. Online we found a nearby stockist MegaCamp, “the camping shop of dreams”.

Bourtange is our last stop in the Netherlands. It is a fortress moated by a canal network and lakes, dating back to 1593. It was built under the orders of William the Silent to control the only road between Germany and the city of Groningen, which in those times was controlled by the Spaniards.

It has free parking and entry. We walked the entire star-shaped perimeter around the canals dikes or village walls. The cobbled streets of the village lead down small streets of beautiful houses and gardens growing fruit and vegetables. There were a few shops, restaurants and cafes.

We then made the short journey and crossed over into Germany. We made our way to the Dreibergen, on Zwischenahner lake. Meg had a swim to cool off as the last few days had been scorching.

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