Freddie Mercury Lost His Bicycle

In his newest Adventure, Freddie Mercury finds out his bicycle is missing! He must search to the ends of the Earth, but he will never give up on is best friend, the bike!
I tried to get as many requested locations into Freddie’s travels as I could. He still has a few more places to visit, but keep those requests coming!

I love Queen and the dank vocal stylings of Freddie Mercury. So I cut up some bits of his songs and am gonna make a million of these hilarious memes.

My inspiration for this is all thanks to Cactusss on YouTube. Check his video out here:
Freddie Mercury is on a collision course:

Another great and/or funny memes: Freddie Plays Geometry Dash

Freddie Mercury Goes to KFC:
Freddie Mercury Gets Stuck in a Slide:

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Freddie Mercury’s Lost Bicycle Adventure is a Fair Use parody, all the video and audio editing and the animation are my own hard work and artistic expression!

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