These pro-players have turned video gaming into lucrative careers, complete with the all-star lifestyle of personal chefs, physical therapists and more.


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  1. I feel bad for the HyperX Headset at 8:55, man if that was me when I won, i'd literally go through a 20 Minute Math problem of if the headphones would break or not if I threw it on the table crushing the mouse and the mouse bungee and ruining the microphone. In reality I would actually put the headset down with slight care, and then jump up with a voice crack. Unlike Twistzz who doesn't give a crap about the headset because it was most likely funded. Think about the Basement Gamer's with their $20 Wireless China Airpods to flex at school with all their money wasted on V-Bucks and Chinese Knock-Off Supreme phone cases.