FULL GAS at the Fort Nonsense HILLCLIMB (Cycling Raceday Vlog)

Wanna feel like puking and death is near? Do your best 1min power…THEN…KEEP GOING. Thats a sure fire way to empty the soul. The NJ Garden State fondo put on a 1k cycling hillclimb the day before the event to open up the legs. It took you up to Fort Nonsense which is one of, if not the only times an actual race has been permitted in a national park.

I EMPTIED the tank in the first 1 minute, doing around 600 watts for the first 1min…then…you have to basically do that again. Whats crazy is how important pacing is, for example, my best 20min power is 380. But I only averaged 464 for 2:35. Because I went 1min @ 575 / 2min @ 500 / 2:35 @464. I also hit 800 watts in the first 10sec which for me, is 95% of my maximum power output. But the beginning is so steep that you can lose a ton of time by going easy and saving it.

I am still working on the fondo video, which wont be up for at least a week unfortunately. I just dont want to sit on this video for a week. So up it goes now.

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