full moon meditation music 2020 | 432 Hz, ocean waves, Dolphin sounds, relaxing music, healing music. Use this beautiful meditation music and sounds to aid in boosting the energy of the full moon.
This Harvest Full Moon will encourage us to get more in touch with our emotions—and it won’t be afraid to throw a few surprises our way to ensure we do. In Astrology, a full moon is a monthly occurrence during which the sun and the moon are in opposite zodiac signs. In the case of this September full moon, we have the moon in the sign of Pisces and the sun in the sign of Virgo. The moon governs our feelings, emotions and ability to nurture ourselves. On the other side, we have the sun, which governs our identity, ego and sense of self. When these two powerful energies oppose, we have a full moon that asks us to create a better balance between our heads and our hearts.
A full moon is about creating balance in our lives through merging our rational and instinctual desires, taking and releasing elements of both. This month, we have a Pisces full moon, which asks us to recalibrate and rebalance the mystical with the practical, the ethereal with the substantial and the otherworldly with the mundane.
This full moon demands us to add some realistic plans to our daydreams and to stop self-sabotaging and face our shadows head-on. What’s more, Uranus will also be making a lovely impact on this particular full moon, gifting us with a surprise that will enhance the universe’s support as we make positive changes and release anything getting in our way.

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full moon meditation music 2020 | 432 Hz, ocean waves, Dolphin sounds, relaxing music, healing music

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