Many of you have seen the pots that Craig purchased.So what better than to show the plant center or garden center where they were purchased. This is an excellently maintained nursery. Almost always there are weak looking or plants that look unhealthy. in this flower shop, everything was beautifully maintained and groomed. There is a nice selection of pots and many decorative plants. I am pretty sure Craig will have himself well known here before long. It was kind of strange there were no garden type of plants everything here was decorative in nature..

I have blog . It has some pictures to complement many of the videos, sometimes extended articles and some videos not publicly released on YouTube. If you enjoy our YouTube Channel I am quite sure you will enjoy the blog.
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Jack Northrup and Myra Reyes

My retirement in the Philippines began in Sept 6, 2012. I filled a backpack with drawing/art material to write and headed overseas to live a dream. I play and make videos of my life in the Philippines. My life overseas has been the adventure of my lifetime. This Vlog of life here is for my memories and show my friends and family back in the USA the Filipino lifestyle and show the world the joy of overseas retirement..


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  1. Hello sir Jack Northrup thank you for sharing this video I am a lover of plants and promoting urban gardening here in the Philippines. I already hug your channel pls hug my channel too thank you and God bless you.

  2. COOL Garden center, its nice to know there are also marigolds, zinnias and norfolk pines, are there any cacti but, considering the lush vegetation that the Philippines is famous for, probably not,…with the exception of Dragonfruit? Thumbs up Jack, thanks for sharin'! 🙂

  3. ….talking about mosquitoes, how much of a problem are they there and do they carry any diseases such as malaria or chikungunya.  The latter is causing a problem in the Caribbean at the moment, sadly……………Nice video

  4. Is this place somewhere in bulacan area I think ive seen this already when im riding a bus when go always visit my sister in baliwag is so relaxing to see an ornamental plants,hanging plants and beautiful flowers.

  5. my kinda place, another one of my goals when we move to PH, I am very good at growing and propagating plants, if you sell them cheap neighbors and friends will buy i am sure, even if its just a few pesos…..