Lief and his Garden Shop have arrived in Animal Crossing New Horizons as the first of many free April Updates to come. Bush starts return to the series and when completing Nature Day nook mile plus achievements, you can even unlock a hedge fence diy! Beyond Leif, there are a couple of smaller details I wanted to show off in this new update. Hopfully Redd comes to town tomorrow so we can get a head start on upgrading the Museum!

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  1. AAAAAH I straight up didn't realize they did that with the music players! That's literally my FAV part of the update! Thank you so much for letting me know- I need to put all my music players back in my villager's yards!

  2. Hey Jammer! I was wondering if you'd test the watering hack, where if you have multiple visitors water your flowers it increases the spawn rate of the hybrids! I've seen it going around but haven't seen it tested!

  3. I agree with you, the sideways hedges actually look nice as a sort of final point to your hedges! What do you think about putting them like that also on the other end, the one covered by the trees? Maybe, like that, they could be more visible even if you keep the trees.