GoPro FX Reframe 2nd Camera SECRET: EPIC Moving, Skiing, Snowboarding Video for Instagram

Do you hate fisheye distortion on 360 reframe videos? Do you want to keep all your snowboarding and skiing action in one 4:5 Instagram post or 9:16 IGTV but still keep your horizon straight? Do you need an excuse to throw away your GoPro Hero 8 and switch to GoPro MAX or other 360 camera? Here is the SECRET technique GoPro use on creating nature looking 360 reframe video from the GoPro MAX or GoPro Fusion.
Want to spice up your winter sports videos on Instagram – you must learn this:

0:15 – Example videos you will learn to create
1:45 – Real-life skiing example from GoPro
2:35 – Fisheye distortion in 360 and why this is bad for your video
4:13 – GoPro FX Reframe Second Camera technique step by step tutorial
10:06 – Which 360 camera is best for this kind of reframe?

📜GoPro MAX tutorial series –
Part 1: GoPro FX Reframe:
Part 2: *Adv. Vlogging on GoPro MAX:
Part 3: Fly GoPro MAX on DJI Drone – aerial 360 with MAX:
Part 4: Shoot, edit and publish 360 Video with GoPro MAX:
Part 5: Edit GoPro MAX on Oculus Quest:
Part 6: GoPro FX Reframe updates & Easy Ease Keyframing workflow:
Part 7: GoPro FX Reframe 2nd Camera SECRET:

Get GoPro MAX here:
Get the smallest GoPro mount and Invisible selfie stick for Vlogging:


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