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  1. Relic force Keratos is what I was using in my 4 star heal slot. It drops from the Glittering Dragon(aka fosradius), the boss that only takes magic damage)
    -It does 200 healing
    -has a 30 second cooldown time
    -and cures every status ailment besides disease and faint

    And yeah, my magic equip is Relic Pertraskia, only does 4,000 damage, it has a 60 second cooldown, and has a 100% chance to burn, just in case Lian or Clide can’t burn the boss

    Anyways great video, this boss can be tough to defeat if you don’t know it’s strengths and weaknesses, so I think this’ll be really helpful for newer player or people struggling to awaken them Fen

  2. now that is 2020, I have farm this boss with my friends and I notice that Amane does to much critics, so I use her for this boss with a Fen or Mako and of course need a healer, the burning buff to the boss is very important, and I really hate the poison of the freaking boss is so anoying. Even so thanks for the team build, I have like 16 days playing GS but I alredy have a litte expirience from another games, ur videos are very good because u help to all the new people playing like me hahahha thanks for that OP u are the best.

  3. I mean I only have swordsman Berwick which doesnt burn and Corsair and Boros I got no one that can burn sadly even from the summon lottery didnt get anyone to burn and Im not even getting any fragments because I keep getting kicked out of multiplayer…:(

  4. The healing item Relic "Force Keratos" heals everyone for 200 HP. It also heals any burn, freeze, curse, seal, poison, blind and paralyze.

    I also should mention if anyone has a MLB Mako (or anyone with a Lvl 5 healing equip slot) and if you have the LVL 5 Healing Gacha equip "Guts", then the poison becomes less of a problem as it ups everyone's Max HP and gives a rather substantial heal over 30 seconds. At Lvl10, Guts gives everyone a Max HP increase of 30% and Heals HP by 120 for 30 seconds.

    I ran this multiple times with an already Awoken Fen, Lian, Mira (who I believe wasn't MLB) and myself as Mako. I guess its rather situational so maybe I was lucky, but it worked pretty well.

  5. I use Favelle with healing item that boost heal percentage 20% Maxx 100 and heals 20% from the rotating water twin sword lady <also have a complete auto team for the water lady> to help against poison, mako, gran blaze 1 limit break and asirpa no limit break others max lb if I don't concentrate I lose.