Greta Thunberg Calls Out U.S. Climate Deniers

Greta Thunberg will begin her return trip across the Atlantic on Wednesday.

The 16-year-old Swedish climate activist is scheduled to leave from Hampton, Virginia.

Speaking to The Associated Press on Tuesday, Thunberg said climate talks in her country are at a more advanced stage than in the United States.

“The discussion here is it’s not a… it has not come as far as the discussion to where I’m from,” she said.

“Here, it’s still sometimes even like debating whether the climate crisis is occurring or not. And some people don’t accept or understand the science. They deny the climate crisis.”

She was speaking aboard the catamaran on which she will travel home after spending nearly three months in North America.

Thunberg said during her visit she had the opportunity to visit some of the places and people most vulnerable to climate change, and see the impact of the ecological crisis.

She pressed the world to do more regarding climate change.

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