On today’s coffee walk, I share growing tips for 3 perennial herbs – oregano, mint & sage – and show you progress made in my messy garden bed.
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  1. Are you growing any of these perennial herbs?
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    Thanks for watching!

  2. I found a tire in my backyard and decided to use it for a raised-bed I filled it with soil implanted my mint and my sage in it together I'm new to gardening trying to learn how to grow my own herbs and veggies is it okay to have the mint and the stage together and will the mint end up coming up out of that tire raised bed growing into my okra that's beside it any tips on what I should do or if this is okay?

  3. Hello Kim. My sage, that survived the winter is now flowering. Does this mean the sage will change in flavor, like when basil flowers and goes to seed.? If so, should I cut the flowers off to save the leaves flavors? And, isn't it to early in the season for it to go to seed? Thank you.

  4. Rosemary, oregano and mint plants come back year after year here in Georgia zone 8. Wow triple digit heat? We had a "wedge" of cool air set up here today. Not to make you jealous but imagine no humidity and 72 degrees in June. It was gorgeous but I know it is temporary!

  5. oh wow We barely hit the 80s up here today. My favorite is thyme, I love it on my chicken! For those of us who procrastinate or are overwhelmed, I make a check list, subdividing each task into the smallest parts. Once you start checking things off it motivates you more!

  6. Hi kim, I just started drinking iced coffee again, for the Summer, I love it! I also have a sage plant and the purple flowers are just beautiful right now, Everything I do is a work in progress lol! Just keep doing what your doing , your doing a great job, and I so appreciate you and your garden videos especially since we both live in Southern California 🤗❤️🙏🏻🌱🌱🌱

  7. Hello there, I have been watching your videos for a few months now. Thank you for all the videos and great gardening tips. I have a few questions that I hope you can answer. A few months ago I purchased the Vermisterra warm casting that I have seen you use on your videos and begun to use it. Shortly, I noticed gnats flying around my plants. I wasn’t sure if it was my soil or the warm casting. What do you recommend I do and what can I do about these gnats? Do you have a solution for gnats? I messaged Jessica from Roots and Refuge and she had suggested to me sprinkling cinnamon and I did. It seemed to reduce the number of gnats but today I found them on my balcony all around my replanted tomatoes and peppers. With these set of plants, I did not use any Vermisterra. I live in an apartment with a small balcony. I started my seedlings in the apartment and now that some are growing I have transplanted them to bigger pots and placed them outside. I used Kellogg Organic soil. Help, thank you.