With unbeatable aroma, character and taste, tomatoes are a must-have crop in the vegetable garden. There’s nothing quite like a fresh, home-grown tomato.

Tomatoes have specific needs to grow and fruit well, but get things right and you can be picking sun-ripened, garden-grown toms within just a few months.

In this short video we’ll take you step by step through everything you need to know to grow your own irresistible tomatoes.

The Best Ways to Support Your Tomato Plants:
Fix Issues Affecting Your Tomatoes:
How to Ripen Green Tomatoes:
Saving Tomato Seeds:

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  1. I'm growing Roma, Celebrity, Jet Star, and a mystery variety (the tag fell out and the store didn't know what they were so I got them cheaper.) They're all growing like crazy and are covered with fruit. I'm in central Texas just south of the Oklahoma border.

  2. This year I'm only growing 3 varieties of indeterminate tomatoes: Cherokee Purple, which is one I've grown almost every year and which has a predictably wonderful flavor; San Marzano plum-type tomatoes, which I'm growing for the first time; and Gardener's Delight, a cherry tomato that I am growing for the first time. All are indeterminate and all are heirloom.

  3. I'm growing in five gallon buckets this year but there was a lockdown and I couldn't get seed, so I used the seed from an organic tomato from the store and got ten sturdy healthy plants. No clue if they will fruit or not. Since they are hybrids, I might get fruit ths year but no point in saving any seeds I get from them. The Spring was brutal, snow on the ground here until the first of May but they grew indoors with the plastic bag cover well in a south facing window. Then some nurseries were allowed open but my husband got the seeds and not knowing a thing about gardening got indeterminate vining ones instead of bush – I've not grown these in containers – going to need bigger stakes lol. I water each transplant with 1 tablespoon of Epsom Salts to a gallon of water at planting out time to prevent blossom end rot and also bury a Tum (acid stomach tablets) which are calcium carbonate in the soil a few inches from each plant. I've found even watering – not letting them dry out too much the deluging them helps prevent skin splitting. Thanks for the tip about removing the side shoots as I've not grown vining ones yet.

  4. I’m growing Jet Star tomatoes, indeterminate variety. Looking for lightweight fencing suggestions. I’ve just seen netting (so large “holes” to reach fruit). But wonder if this is what to use, or stay with metal fencing? Thoughts?

  5. Hi I am in a awkward situation ,I put seeds in pots ,I am sure they were radishes and spinach , I got 1 or 2 plants of radishes and few spinach but along them I am not sure what it is ,a weed with oval shaped thick leaves, and thick soft stem ??, I had grown courgette seeds here and there as well l .now I am confused , what is it then as I have seen courgette plant has triangle shaped leaves .even though I marked my pots ,I tried to do in a scientific way ,got mixed up…I have planted them in different pots …Am I looking after weeds?

  6. How long does tomato seed last in the packet? Well, I planed a whole packet of Moneymaker (BBE 2005) in the heated propagator, thinking I might get a few plants. Well…..they've mostly all germinated and I am blessed/cursed with about 200 seedlings. I haven't got the heart to throw any away after they have survived this long, but keeping the plants going until the weather picks up enough to leave them outside is going to mean a lot of crowded window-sills. What to do with my surplus? Gifts for key workers at the end of the lockdown!
    (PS Just found another packet of Carter's tomato seeds from the same year…😱)

  7. My family likes Black Krim and Paul Robeson to the point of them being a topic of dinner table debate. I also grow Kellogg's Breakfast, random colours of Vernisage, Pink Oxheart, Amish Paste, San Marzano, or Olpalkas, or anything that strikes my fancy. This year I have yellow pears because I got a free packet of seed. I do not generally have everything all in the same year mind you! Though if we start selling I might. Generally anything from Eastern Europe or Russia does remarkably well for me, and the Amish and Cornell varieties are pretty much selected for where I live.

  8. One tomato I'm growing for the first time the year is Paul Robeson (named after the actor) because it was very very highly recommended by another gardener as the best she ever tasted, she says…..pick them in the afternoon before watering and it will blow you away.

  9. I like your enthusiasm but you let your plants and tomatoes lay on the ground and where I'm located in Maryland my tomatoes would be blight infested and dead by mid-August . Sorry but your ways would not work for me. Good luck Mike

  10. I wanted to congratulate you on using both the imperial and metric systems. I'm now almost fluent in both as I follow a lot of UK and US channels, but I remember when this was not the case: I had to stop the videos and convert the measurements somewhere in order to fully understand the message. This will help your international audience I hope it grows, you deserve it! P.S. I really like your app – looking forward to the new version.