GTA 5 Parkour Fails (Euphoria Ragdolls) Episode 1

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RAGEuphoria Mod:

Red De*d Redemption Euphoria/Physics:

Improvements in Gore 2.5:

Beta Takedowns:

Crawl Injury :

Realistic Weapon Sounds:

Low Life Crime (Hands up mod) :

VisualV (For improved graphics):

This mod upgrades the reactions of Euphoria bringing you that stone cold ragdoll reactions as seen in Max Payne 3, GTA 4 & Red De*d Redemption, this mod turns GTA 5 into a brutal mess!

I’ve always been a fan of Natural Motion’s Euphoria, I think it’s a great way developers can make the game feel very different and realistic, when Euphoria was introduced in GTA 4 I was astonished by how realistic the gunplay was, I hope more developers invest more time into working with Euphoria.

This mod brings the feel of Red De*d Redemption & Max Payne 3 Euphoria in GTA 5. GTA 5’s euphoria was horrendous, very watered down and almost as bad as Havoks physics. Thanks to Bravercoolio & Jedijosh420 for making this well needed euphoria mod in GTA 5. All we can do is pray that GTA 6 and Red De*d Redemption 2 does not water down the Euphoria physics like in GTA 5…

GTA 5 Funny Euphoria Ragoll Montage


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