Latest prototype now available!

Some bits and pieces used in the Kickstarter trailer are playable in this build!

#IndieDev #ScreenshotSaturday #2DAnimation

You can now sign up for Patreon whenever you want, and will be charged up front and granted immediate access to your rewards, which include this month’s prototype build of Guinea Pig Parkour. So if you’re not interested in a monthly recurring charge, simply sign up, receive your reward, and cancel your pledge. Thanks!



  1. The animations fit perfectly with the collision between the player and the objects.
    How did you get? Did you use Abe's Oddworld Oddysse collision scheme?

    Congratulations on the extraordinary game it is!

  2. I’ve been watching your videos since way before you started making his game and have been waiting ever since to play and now I have to support you on Patreon oh darn it, why should I have to support one of my favorite creators and help them continue doing what they love?! I guess I have no choice but to donate!


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