Hitchhiking From India To Russia | The Journey Begins | Video 1

I started yet another trip. This time I am going to do something different. I challenged myself that I will go from India to Russia by hitchhiking. I might take buses and trains sometimes. From India I am going to Myanmar then Thailand, then Cambodia, then Laos then Vietnam, then China then, Mongolia and then finally to Russia.

This is the first vlog of the journey. I started my journey from Amravati, Maharastra. I got a lift from Amravati to Raipur in a truck. I met these two amazing truck drivers, Deepak Bhai and Singapore Bhai. In 2 days I ended up in Raipur and being hosted by a wonderful person, Mr. Rajkumar. I went to Gurudwara for the first time in my life. The president of the Gurudwara and other people gave me blessings for my trip. So far it is a wonderful journey.

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