Horsepower in a Bottle

I’ve been working on bikes for over 15 years and have been adding performance upgrades for over 10. In all that time, I have never seen anything provide instant horsepower the way Militec-1 does.When I first heard of Militec-1, I was skeptical. I thought it was snake oil, another product that promised improved performance without actually delivering. But after using the product on 10 or 15 bikes, and seeing the performance gains for myself, I started to believe its claims. I’ve now documented over 30 bikes with Militec-1 before and after. Over-all, the result is an average boost of 1-3 horsepower along the entire rev range. Militec-1 also makes engines run smoother, quieter, cooler, and more efficiently providing an 8-10 percent improvement in gas mileage. Added to the transmission, it also provides smoother shifting.

Originally developed for military applications, as a gun lubricant, Militec-1 can be used anywhere, two metal surfaces rub together. It is not an oil additive but metal conditioner that uses the oil to circulate it to the metal surfaces in the engine. It then impregnates the metal, bonding at a molecular level. A synthetic, hydrocarbon derivative, Militec-1 strengthens and stiffens metal surfaces without changing the tolerances of engine components.

Since Militec-1 is not an oil additive, it does not have to be added with every oil change, but instead should be added every 12,000 miles or once per year. And improved benefits are seen with continued use of Militec-1, though there is a point where the maximum benefit will be reached.

As I mentioned, Militec-1 is the simplest way to add 1-3 horsepower to any bike. In one case, I had a customer who wanted 100 horsepower out of his Harley. I tuned it, squeezing every ounce of power I could, but still hadn’t reached the 100 mark. I then added Militec-1 and that pushed it over the top.

I highly recommend Militec-1 and now we put it in all our turbo bikes. If you come to our shop and buy a bottle, we’ll put it in for you, but it’s as simple as pouring five ounces in the motor and 2-3 ounces in the transmission. For the price just over $20, there’s no easier way to add 1-3 horsepower to your bike while improving gas mileage. It can also be used in a wide range of mechanical applications. I’ve been very impressed with what I’ve seen proving Militec-1 is literally horsepower in a bottle.

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