How many coins does it take to beat Super Mario 3D World?

After a long wait, the answer is here. How many coins does it take to beat Super Mario 3D World. Thanks to NicoBBQ for helping me plan this run! –

I tried my best to avoid clashing with his video too much. If you want to learn every detail about worlds 1-5 then his video tells you all the difficulties you’d have to overcome.

And yes, I did do a real full game run. I spent 6-7 hours yesterday doing the full thing live and UGHHH it was hard but worth it. I would like to do a part 2 to this video in the future looking at a 100% run but for now I’d like to move on from this game.

I stream the research for challenge runs both on this channel and on my twitch ( If you aren’t sure which one, join my discord ( and ask for stream notification role in the role-request channel. We have a very nice community so just try to be respectful and we’ll get along great 🙂


Thank you to NicoBBQ for teaching me about 5-4! I play with sound off and would not have noticed the coins going off in the background if it wasn’t for him. He’s also been a great friend to me since we met. –

And thank you to Aelteria! He was going to do some artwork for the thumbnail, but things didn’t work out sadly. But he had to deal with me pestering him so go give him some followers –

And of course, thank you to Koretato, Cochu, and MeTheMarioMan for keeping me company in my full game run stream yesterday. Without them I would have gone completely crazy.


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