How to Build a DIY Cargo Bike (Plans available!)

Ever since I built my first cargo bike and uploaded some pictures of that build to reddit, I’ve been getting many questions about the bike, how to make it and on cargo bikes in general. Since so many people seem to be interested in building this kind of bike, I’ve finally decided to put out a proper tutorial on how to build one. Even with a long video like this, it’s impossible to include all the necessary information like measurements, so I also made a set of plans to cover all the numbers and theoretical stuff.

So this is a deviation from the video format I used to do so far and I’m interested to hear how the audience likes it. I’m considering making more videos like this that focus on teaching/explaining things more…
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0:46 Introduction/Backstory
1:46 Bike Overview
2:32 Materials Overview
4:37 Frame Jig
6:26 Cutting Donor Frame
7:30 Building new Downtube
14:45 Adding Gussets
16:03 Building Cargo Bay
18:44 Building Steering Shaft
21:33 Building Steering Linkage
27:42 Building Kickstand
30:57 Frame finishing touches
32:50 Painting
33:57 Making Cargo Bay Cover
34:51 Final Assembly
37:12 Final Words/Ending Montage

Adding disc-brake tabs to a bike frame without using a jig:

The photo story for my first cargo bike:


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