Replacing a tyre is not always as simple as it seems! You might be replacing a worn one or upgrading your rubber, so let Jon talk you through safely changing a tyre.

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Tyres come in all shapes and sizes, some being easier to mount than others. For changing a tyre you will need two tools – tyre levers and a track pump. Once the tyre is off, be sure to check that the rim tape is in good condition and covering all the spoke holes. Take care when remounting the tyre to ensure the inner tube is not pinched between the rim and the bead.

What’s your top tip for changing a tyre? 👇

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  1. Replacing both tyres and tubes, got the old set off but I’m struggling with tucking the tube into the new tyre. No matter how many of these I watch it doesn’t help, I can’t get the tube tucked back inside.
    Obviously my technique is wrong and I’m missing something glaringly obvious in the process. About to give up after a solid hour on just one and see if there’s a local bike shop who will do it but I want to learn

  2. I always dust the inner of the tyre and the inner tube with either talcum powder or climbers chalk so they don’t stick, also a little bit of washing up liquid on the last stubborn bit of tyre that is putting up an almighty resistance to being popped over the rim, ( just snapped a brand new Park tyre lever putting my new Vittoria tyres on!).

  3. Tip: Before mounting your tire, apply a thin coat of petroleum jelly to the inside of the rim. Next time the bead will slide right off from its rail into the center channel when you push on it with your thumbs. That will allow your tire lever to slide under the bead.

  4. 6:20 i hate how in every tutorial video, they manage to put it in place gently and without any strength needed.
    Mine is literally impossible to put in place with hands only since it's extremely tight, and with a tool i just ruined 2 new tires. Gave up while being pissed off.