How to Cross Country Ski: Pt. 4 of 4 — Touring Uphill & Striding Doublepole

Here are a few ways Touring XC Skiers can glide *up* the hills. But first check out my previous 3 basic skill videos. Yeah, they take time but it’ll be worth it. Here I particularly show how handy is the radical new Striding Doublepole for uphills, as well as the flats, as shown in Part 3 at this link: I note that here I say that “racing style” takes more skill than the touring style. I misspoke. It all takes the same range of skills. The “pouncing” style just gives you the grip you need to get up hills. It’s really not any harder than anything else! Also, the Kick-doublepole is a fine technique, you just need to be going faster for it to be helpful. If the uphill is going fast enough it might be the right thing to do. But if you’re ever feeling like you’re bogging down, change to a technique that’s more suitable. (Videos courtesy of HQ for indie outdoor culture.)


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