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Transportation from and to Daxing Airport
Comfortable transfers, quick rides and a wealth of transportation choices are guaranteed for Daxing airport passengers. Which are your needs? Are you on a budget? Is comfort a major priority for you? Take a look at the available options and choose the one for you; Taxis, Buses, Trains, Subway, and Car hires.

The fastest way to travel is without any doubt the New Daxing Airport Express Line. Travelling up to 160km/h, the fastest trains in China will get you to Caoqiao Station – a 40km distance – in only 19 minutes, costing you 35 RMB (4.4€ / 4.8$) at maximum for an ordinary ticket or 50 RMB (6.3€ / 7$) if you travel business class. In the near future, the transit Line 20 (Line R4) will also be added to the existing network.

The Beijing–Xiong’an intercity railway links Daxing airport to Beijing West Railway Station. The bullet trains need about 20-35 minutes to traverse the distance in question while the cost for a second class ticket is 30 RMB (3.8€ / 4.2$).

You will find 6 local bus lines connecting Daxing airport to the city of Beijing. Xinghang Lines 1-5 connect the airport to the major Beijing hubs while Xinghang Line 6 operates during the night shift. The bus ticket price is 40RMB (5€ / 5.5$).

Travelling in comfort, at the back of your seat, Daxing airport taxis will get you to your destination in Beijing in about 80 minutes, with the average fare to be about 220 RMB (29€ / 30.5$) without taking into account the possible waiting-time surcharges. However, you should always be aware of the notorious Beijing traffic jams.

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