HOW TO: Install the Oculus Quest Lens/Glasses Spacer!

As we all know, wearing glasses with virtual reality headsets can be a real pain and can result in discomfort and sometimes leave bad scratches on the lenses! Thankfully, Oculus included a lens spacer with their Oculus Quest VR headset and made it easy to install! In this video, I explain how to quickly put the lens spacer inside of the headset. While the lens spacer will slightly decrease your field of view and leave a bit more of a nose gap for light to come into the headset, it is worth it for the reduced risk of damaging your lenses! As long as you follow this video correctly, you will be able to install the glasses spacer in no time! If you liked the video, please feel free to like and subscribe and leave a comment down below letting me know if this helped!

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