Frankie Flowers reveals us a complete host of merchandise and tips for preserving squirrels out of the backyard.



  1. If u want to keep squirrels out of your vegetable patch just set up a squirrel feeder on a tree in your garden and slice up some fruit or veg fresh or something that’s a few days out of date (they won’t mind) my feeding station is just two basic pieces of wood screwed togther and the screwed onto a tree. This way squirrels stay away from your veg and also have something to eat as they’re an important part of every ecosystem.

  2. Thank you for some good tips. When I was in the city I used whirlygigs they're shiny and move and it worked fine but now I have country squirrels and it doesn't work at all.

  3. I don't think the Squirrels care any more This year is the worst I've had with them I don't know where my older friends went but this whole bunch is new – no more than a year old most look about 4 to 6 months old tearing up my flowers not just bulbs but ones that I planted seeds one bulb they're not supposed to like is hycanith that's the main one they won't leave alone, they also take up my daffodils. They are fed in the back yard away from my flower bed. I put hot pepper flakes, Irish Spring soap, Cayenne pepper! none of it is working They're supposed to stay away where cats and dogs are – They torment my dogs! and my cats have a pen right next to one area of my flower beds and the squirrels seriously don't care! but they tease my dogs they'll sit just far enough the dog can't reach and eat their already empty walnut shell and just look at them like "You can't get me neener neener neener" My dogs have even climbed half up the trees after them! One is a 45 pound American Pit Bull Terrier, One is a 75 (give or take) Pound Lab Pit Mix, and 2 are Beagles!

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