How To: Rock Climbing Drill to Warm-Up & Increase Endurance | Quick Tips #5

One of my biggest struggles at the beginning of my rock climbing journey was being able to stay on the wall long enough before my forearms or fingers would just give out! Although I felt I had the power left to do moves in the more challenging routes, my fingers especially, were just done. Shortly after, I came across this traversing drill to work on all kinds of endurance, and it has been tremendously helpful to say the least! As I mention in the video, I often use it as a warm-up and kill two birds with one stone and get that endurance work in at the same time. I also like to do it at the end of a session when I’m already pumped to maximize lactate metabolism. Watch this video to see how I’ve increased my endurance as well as forearm and finger strength to spend more time climbing with this quick & easy tip 🥳 Hope you all enjoy 🙂

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