John from visits a pals who simply moved into a brand new rental home and shares his concepts on easy methods to greatest begin rising an edible vegetable backyard. On this episode, John will give his pal a backyard seek the advice of and planning session. First, he’ll stroll the property and share with you among the assets already present on the property and the way they are often greatest used to develop edible meals crops. You’ll uncover among the edible weeds and fruit timber already rising and easy methods to exploit them on your profit. You’ll study among the free supplies on the property that can be utilized to construct raised beds and the way John would do it. Additionally, you will study some pre-existing trellis constructions that can be utilized to develop meals in addition to how John would put in an irrigation system. Additionally, you will hear how John would rework an inactive, fly infested compost pile into an lively pile to begin breaking down meals waste to return vitamins again into the backyard.

After watching this episode, you should have some concepts that you need to use by yourself property to begin rising meals at present.



  1. can you show me how to grow marijuana the right way i can't find a good video like the one's u make

  2. Loved the yard tour and ideas. I do wish the property owner (camera operator?) had chimed in.  Looked like a great place.

  3. Hey john can I shar a vid or pic of my garden .May be u can give me some tips. Thanks mate.reggie chicago il.

  4. hey now.  what isn't edible?  i tempted to save all my grass clippings for juicing.  i'd rarely have to buy food again!

  5. love this video- nice to see your ideas on a property that has a lot of potential. I hope to see what she does with it after a few years

  6. What is a good organic way to kill aphids on baby Apple trees? Would Diatomaceous Earth be an organic way?

  7. john i noticed after very heavy downpour of rain my 2 main rabbit ear lettuce bolted  too seed.  after this i noticed  there is a white sap substance when i break some of the base stalks of the leaves and such. is this safe to eat and normal in older rabbit ear lettuce? i imagine so but wanted to run that by you. thanks

  8. hi john, started my own veggie garden in some raised beds this year. eating some black russian, red cherry and thai pink egg tomatoes atm and rabbit ear lettuce/rocket and stuff i threw in there also. nothing like fresh food straight out of the garden is there. i enjoy your videos, thanks for making them. i have collected alot of different cherry tomatoes and other crops to grow out in future, looking forward to it. keep the vids coming. thanks

  9. Rosemary flowers!  I shall try that in tonight's dinner salad.  Thanks again for all your great tips and reminders packed in this video.

  10. John recommends Bokashi compost a 27:45. I am a big Bokashi composter fan, follow me here or instagram to see how you need zero browns to compost.

  11. John, thank you again for selling us Sunchokes. I have a massive bed of them and I have passed them on to many people. 25:45

  12. I think they can compost all the grass (weeds), and they can fill many raise beds. Dont you think so?

  13. You have a lot of bandaids going on there at the 2:20 mark. I stabbed my arm with a really sharp pair of Fiskars Softouch Micro-Tip Pruning Snip last year pruning leaves off the tomato plants. I put manuka honey (UMF 18+) on it and covered it with a bandaid and in 4 days it was healed and no scar. The wound was almost an inch deep. Give it a try.

  14. Hi John, regarding your comment at the begining of the video (about not doing garden consults): this video and others like it are far more valuable than any garden consult… you are teaching the man to fish. Thank you

  15. JOOOOHN!!!!! Great videos. There aren't any videos that I can find on apartment composting, I just started and would love your advice!!!!!!! Or if you have a video on it that's great, but can't find any. All I have is a balcony for some space for composting

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