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Finish Line’s Bicycle Disc Brake Cleaner is engineered to rapidly clean disc brake rotors and pads. Using an acetone-free formula, Finish Line Brake Cleaner eliminates brake squeal and improves braking response by flushing out dirt, oil residue, and breaking down baked-on brake glaze.

Designed to leave zero residue after application, Finish Line’s Bicycle Disc Brake Cleaner is strong enough to clean the dirtiest rotors, yet safe enough to use around paint, carbon fiber and plastic parts. Finish Line brake cleaner displaces moisture quickly from every part of the disc brake system. For optimum preventative maintenance, use after all wet weather rides.

Features & Benefits…
+ Fast, residue free treatment
+ Spray and ride – easy one step process
+ Cleans both pads and rotors
+ Eliminates brake squeal
+ Removes dirt, oil and glaze
+ Displaces moisture from braking surfaces
+ Provides optimal and predictable braking performance
+ Best preventative maintenance after wet weather riding
+ Ozone-safe, recyclable steel aerosol bottle

Application Tips…
+ Rotors – spray both sides
+ Pads – for best results, remove wheel and spray

Available From…
+ All good bike dealers around the world

Finish Line products are proudly made in the USA. 🇺🇸
Visit us at for more information on our full range of performance lubricants and expert bicycle care products.

About Finish Line Technologies…
We are passionate about bikes! We love the freedom and enjoyment they bring to peoples lives and the additional health, environmental and money saving benefits that go with them.

Since Finish Line’s launch in 1988, it has been our mission to extend the life of a bicycle’s drivetrain. Our team work tirelessly to produce expert products that optimize performance, are accessible to all cyclists and significantly reduce the risk of mechanical issues.

Products such as our iconic Dry and Wet Lubes, Speed Degreaser and Super Bike Wash continue to lead the industry and are trusted by riders globally.

Finish Line works with the best riders, teams, mechanics and dealers around the world to ensure all bikes are offered the highest levels of bicycle care and maintenance. Whether you use your bike to compete, commute, explore, escape or just for fun, you can have confidence Finish Line products are at work taking care of your components and your investment!


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