How to Surf | Top 15 Tips for Intermediate Surfers | Improve your Technique

Do you want to improve your surfing? Here is our top 15 advice to reach the next level.
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Below are the top 15 tips for intermediate surfers to progress to the next level:
#1 0:30 Surf the proper board for conditions & your level
#2 1:00 Positioning on the wave
#3 1:28 Improve your bottom turn
#4 1:56 Your head is your steering wheel
#5 2:19 Turning, step by step
#6 2:48 Compress the lower body
#7 3:17 Catch the wave at the peak
#8 3:47 Generate your own speed
#9 4:14 Paddle with power
#10 4:33 Move your feet
#11 4:50 Learn from other surfers
#12 5:05 Practise rail-to-rail surfing
#13 5:32 Focus
#14 5:45 Visualize
#15 6:27 Have fun!

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