Tutorial: This works for any phone on the market How To Transfer Music From Itunes To Your Android phone 2012. im using widows 7 also works for mac I use the samsung galaxy s3 this also works for all android phonesor tablets like htc one x google nexus droid sgs3 s2 ipad nexus 7 tab more! This is a very easy fix to do also works for iphones ipods tabblets How To Transf er Music From Itunes Your Android phone 2012 howto mp3 MPEG-4 all android smartphones turorial works on any samsung galaxy s3 droids htc one nexus7 tablet asus ipod iphone ipad free music easy tips tricks double twist play windows mac “Android (operating System)” “IPad 2 (Computer)” Touch Apple Mobile Help Cell Nokia Review Youtube “Mobile Device” News “Video Game” “Software Tutorial” Need Wireless “Ipod Touch” Mp4 “Cell Phone” Phones Gps Player Upload “Device (band)” Tip Case
directions 1. get your phone usb cable itunes and coputer. if you want to learn more
watch the vid. This works for any phone on the market. file type is MPEG-4

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How To Transfer Music From Itunes To Your Android phone 2012


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  1. TunesGo Transfer/Move your files (Music, Playlists, Movie, Podcasts, TV Shows, iTunes U and more) without limits between iOS and AndroidiPhone/iPod/iPad ← → TunesGo ← →Androidyou can import IOS file to TunesGo and export file to Android from TunesGo.

  2. Thanks for the awesome video!!!! This video the exact information that I needed to know, and I was able to transfer over 500 songs from my iTunes to my New HTC with Android software in minutes!!!!!

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  4. Young Thomas – You are a genius!  I got it in the first try.  I am an older person, so I wasn't necessarily happy with some of the language you used (please be more aware of your audience), but all that aside, I was able to minimize my windows and keep them all open on the desktop at the same time, executing the task with no hiccups.  Kudos to you, young man.  And thank you ever so much for your help!