Happy Wednesday, friends! A question we’ve been asked over and over again is how are we able to travel full time from the road?! Spoiler alert, NO we don’t have a trust fund, wealthy parents, or anything like that…we work for every penny we have and we’re so excited to explain how!

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Who are we?
We’re Tyler and Todd, a Canadian gay couple living full-time in our self-renovated RV and are currently travelling around North America with our two pups, Charlie and Eddie. Hit that subscribe button and join our journey as we continue to discover the happiness and freedom that comes with living tiny!

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  1. Yeah I did the same and quit the day job too. But my building my businesses has been a bit to slow. I’m doing both now looking for a regular remote job and still building my online businesses. So stressful but one day it will be worth it I hope soon.

  2. You Guys talked about what you handle within the businesses. It is same thing in your in your lives as individuals and as a couple. Where one might better and the other lesser, within a minute that flip flops completely. I know what I want to say but some will take it out context. Basically, one department hands off the project to another department to have that item or situation completed. Guys, this WHOLE video is a prefect description why you are together, why you are Married, why you are Successful and most importantly why you are in LOVE with each other. You Guys fascinate me. See ya Soon!!

  3. Thank you guys….I needed to hear this right now. You inspire me and give me hope. I just left a horrible job after six years, only to end up being employed by a lazy, narcissistic, lying boss that gives zero leadership and cheats the company by various stealth means and if confronted with her misdeeds, she gaslights me and makes me feel like I'm the bad person accusing her. Oh and also, my co-worker (there are only 4 of us employed here) is a two-faced, psychotic, batshit crazy woman who will almost knock me out of the way to make a sale. Yeah, I've decided that this is not a healthy place to work! I need to find a new job and I am thinking about buying an old RV and living in it fulltime! I'd love to find a job that I could do remotely. Gonna do some brainstorming! Thanks again for lifting my spirits. Just came home tonight after a stressful day of walking on eggshells around my crazy co-worker. There's not enough liquor in the world that could numb my depression when I'm around those two!

  4. Great video guys. 🥰 You have a great passion for what you are doing and for each other which is so wonderful.
    I'm thankful that I am retired and I feel I have enough money to enjoy more travel as well as working with the 2 choirs I am very involved in. Luckily I have no family to worry about – just me for now.🥂(1 for each hand).

  5. Oh man. I would be guilty of knocking on a van/camper if I thought it was the coolest thing and I wanted more info. Because, it could hit the road at any time and I would have missed my chance. Would you be okay with someone leaving a note on the camper asking for info? Just want to know how to handle this in the future.

  6. Its good know there are endless possibility. That's means endless hope. These videos are really helpful for youngsters who just trying to be independent. How to manage money, how to eliminate unnecessary things – go minimalistic, now how to make money. It's important to have more than one source of income. How to invest. At least they know the layout. Very nice. Very grateful. These things I don't think anybody will share. 🙏

  7. I cannot tell you how much I enjoy your videos! I get excited every time I see a new one pop up. You two are so funny together and it's super interesting to see this venture you're on. I'm so glad you came back to Youtube and share this with us. Tyler, the irritation was palpable after those people came looking inside the van. Haha I don't blame you, that is super irritating and invasive. Thanks for giving us a look at how your make money, it's definitely interesting!

  8. I've watched a bunch of van life videos and I think the knocking etc is a common way for them to form community. It can be pretty isolated living in a van so they do things like this. I am not sure if it's different being in Hawaii though. Also the fact that you're a gay couple doing something in the van might attract some gawkers (even if it's just making a YouTube video).

  9. Just found your channel and I really enjoy the videos. I don't know anything about social media advertising but while I am diversified, real estate is my primary investment that appreciates and mostly pays for itself. I don't know if you have the same experiences that I have had but if so, you should let your viewer know it is not all walks in the park and wine tasting. I have seven properties and on average once a year a tenet leaves one trashed or has to be evicted and then trashes the place. I am on call 24/7 and have to fix things when a service person is unavailable on a holiday. I have one tenet now that says she doesn't make a lot of money and I own so much that she doesn't see why she should pay rent. Another tenet thinks I am racist because he is 4 months behind and I have asked him to leave.
    I have been doing this for 15 years and it is getting harder and people are getting worst. I have high blood pressure and my hair is turning grey at 39. If you tell me this doesn't happen in Canada, I'm moving next month.
    YouTube like reality shows are not always reality. Many people may see your videos and not realize the stuff you don't film or the work hours you really put in. I know you guys work hard and you should be proud of that as well.

    Anyway have fun and enjoy.

  10. Soooooooo interesting!!!! I knew, just common sense, that there were behind the scene business📅📈/work happenings. And that it’s not all beaches🏝, hikes, sunshine☀️ and rainbows.🌈 Nice to hear you two talk about it. I would looooooove to travel in our RV. We’ve got 4 kids and the youngest is 15. We’re almost there. In the meantime…..I’m gonna enjoy watching all you van/RV-lifers until we, God willing, hit the road. Thanks for sharing❤️

  11. Me and my Husband bought his Uncle’s business almost 3 years now. We have to work in our home office three months out of the year and then we can work remotely the other nine months. I do love the flexibility of owning our own business. One thing we do is when work is finished for the day we close the office door and we don’t talk about work unless it is urgent. Then we fix ourselves a cocktail 🍸 🍸 and head out to our balcony to unwind. I also play poker mid week which we order take out and do some wine 🍷 tasting.! A group of gays playing poker and drinking wine🍷. It’s a fun time and gets me out of the house and my Husband gets watch all of the political shows that would like. We can definitely relate to the “living together and working together”. I heard that giving a person a ten second hug is actually health for you. So if it ever starts to be stressful, we will say to each other “Same Team” and give each other a ten second hug heart to heart (that is when you both go to the right of each when you hug so your ♥️ ♥️ are the closes they can be). Looking forward to your next Vlog – Ted.

  12. Yes this was very Interesting to me,I only wish I could have done something like this year's ago instead I worked for an Airline which in itself was not bad but I see there is so much more out there these days good for you guys I'm impressed with what you have done love to you both!

  13. It is so great that you two have done at this at such a young age. And I liked about what you said about being spouses and working together. You two have such a great connection that it works. Very impressive!! Workplaces are becoming more agile, and I have worked from far away places, so I can enjoy more travel time. It all works out….some work, some exploring.

  14. OMG! How rude that guy was, and how sweet you were when he didn't deserve it! Hahaha.. I have a feeling I would have handled that a bit differently. 😁. This was very informative about managing your businesses while being able to stay on the road. Thank you SO much for sharing. You guys are the best!

  15. Why are people so nosey? I would never ask how people make their money: I would speculate but never ask.
    Folks aren't being raised these days. Talk about not knowing boundaries and invading one's privacy !!!

  16. I hit the bell. lol You really scared me there. lol Love the "About Schmidt" moment. If you haven't seen the film ,you have to first of all, comedy and pathos at it's best, there is a scene where Jack Nicholson has a similar experience. This was great. Thanks for sharing the T .

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  18. so turn to my hubby after breezing through this video and in my best valley girl accent say… "uhh 3500 bucks a month… do you know what 3500 bucks covers in OUR present lifestyle?!?!? … our eating out budget!"…….. time for a change I say. keep up the great work guys!


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