I LAPPED the field SOLO!!! (Cycling Race Breakdown)

Most bike racers dream of lapping the field, and doing it solo is something I thought Id never get to experience. Our local community has really stepped up and put together a fantastic skills clinic for up and coming cyclists.

The clinic goes over all the basics of riding your bike in a bunch. Aimed towards getting more involved in the sport and its been a huge success and I am super proud to be apart of it.

At the end of the clinic all the mentors get to have their fun and do a little practice crit. It gives us a chance to shake out the winter legs and find our confidence for racing. In this breakdown video, I walk you through my first *win since being a cat 4. Not REALLY a win since its a practice crit, but it sure felt like it.

Chaz has a breakdown from his point of view as well. @chaz Turmon

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