I Went Mountain Climbing in Japan

Join me on the second day of my adventures in Iwate Prefecture as I climb the majestic Mount Iwate. To answer a couple of questions that may arise: Yes, I did climb alone. I brought emergency equipment and had informed other people of exactly what I was doing, so I was doing my best to stay safe. Also, no, there were not many people climbing. Not counting the few people I saw in the distance near the peak I met a total of 15 other people during my 9 hour climb, and 10 of those were in one group I met on their way down about two hours after I started the climb. It was almost eerily quiet, not even any sounds of birds most of the time.

It was a tough climb, but it was very rewarding. I do want to go back another time and try a different, shorter and easier trail so that I can actually get to the peak.

What I climbed:

Where I stayed:

Koiwai Farm, day 1 of my Iwate adventures:

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“On My Way”, “Carpe Diem”, “The Forest And The Trees”, “Wholesome”, “The Descent”, “Senbazuru”, “Hero Down”, and “Carefree” by Kevin MacLeod (
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