I completely forgot skiing was in this game! So of course I skii’d off a cliff. Steep is a blast! Leave a comment below letting me know what else I should try in this game. Thanks for watching, subscribe for more videos and click the bell to never miss an upload!

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  1. Hey man, loving your steep videos, should definitely hit SteepSteep up on instagram (@steeppeeps, relatively big Steep only youtuber) for a little collab video. Im sure that would be a blast 😉

  2. Tips:

    -Hold “Y” on your controller or retry an event, or go back to the last place you switched equipment.

    -To revert from switch stance to regular, press the right and left analog sticks towards each other.

    -To spin faster in air, carve a bit before the jump.

    -To go faster downhill, push the left stuck forward.

    -To perform grabs, press the triggers while in air. Left trigger is left hand, right trigger is right hand.

    -On a large drop, pull back on the right stick as you land to slow down immediately and lessen your chances of getting hurt by the G-Force.

    -When you start an event, look to the top/center of your screen and it will say “go through the checkpoints”, “score the most points”, etc so you know what you are suppose to be doing.

    -Keep up the great content 😊

  3. Xgames DLC or road to Olympic DLC are pretty nice. That brings you to descent snow park with a lot of rails and boxes. There is also a possibility to buy a « ticket » to China’s mountain with a nice snow park as well.


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