iFly Dubai | Indoor Skydiving On 799 Horsepower Jet Streams

You no more need a plane or parachute to experience skydiving as iFly Dubai has brought you a magical experience of indoor skydiving. Robust jet streams help in lifting your body to a height of four meters, in a controlled and safe facility. Certified professional trainers provide you with complete skydiving training and back your activity up with safety precautions. If you have ever fantasized about how it really feels to hop out of the plane and fly in the sky, iFly Dubai indoor skydiving can cater perfectly to your desire.

Experience the air in the hair, whipping at your flying goggles, and lashing at your skydiving jumpsuit as the 799 horsepower jet streams make your flying desires come true. You will find yourself hovering in a ten meters high tunnel enjoying a panoramic sight of the crowds at City Centre Mirdif.

The region’s first-ever indoor skydiving hub, iFly Dubai, has instructors who curate your flying activity based upon your aptitude and comfort level. So, you can be sure to enjoy a personalized flying experience that is designed for you. One more added advantage of carrying out this activity is that iFly Dubai is suitable for people of all ages, including kids and senior citizens. So, go ahead, throw your body in the air, try some thrilling flips and spins, and get an all-new experience to remember for a lifetime. Also, get some excellent Instagramable pictures of your mind-boggling stunts and make your friends and followers envy you helplessly.

Furthermore, you can hang around and check outside the tall tunnel to take a glimpse of the soul-stirring demonstrations given by the experts, who would manifest their outstanding skills by walking down and up the tunnel walls. It is also not much surprising to watch them plummet headfirst in a very relaxed motion.

With the iFly Dubai ticket price starting from just ₹4099, you can acquire this unique flying experience without burning a big hole in your pocket. So, no matter you are a 3-year old or a 50-year old, first-timer, or seasonal performer – fill your mind with confidence and pack your bags to iFly to experience real adrenaline-pumping activity. Believe it when we say, you will crave to keep flying in the air and would never want your feet to touch the ground ever again. This is the sole reason why the indoor skydiving park has an exclusive package of its return flyers.

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